Rocco Trasporti works in the sector
of transportation since the early ‘50s.

Strong of the experience of its founders
and of the spirit of the new generation,
since the ‘90s the firm is specialized in the field of controlled temperature transport of fresh fruits, vegetables products and perishable food.


The growth and the development has always been Roccos' family aim, since more over three generations, managing a qualified staff and a group in continual expansion. Thanks to the investments made in the sector of Human Resources and R&D the firm is specialized in the transport of fresh foodstuff. Now the young Roccos' generation works for new projects and for the enhancement of the whole structure.


Passion for hard work and trucks, the sharing of the same goals, the spirit of enterprise joined to the professionalism, a deep sense of responsibility and experience in driving is our philosophy. Drivers, technicians, managers work together to accomplish the same goal.

The right way is not always the easiest way but it is the only one we want to follow to get our goals. Always.


Rocco trasporti works according to quality regulations of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 rules.

The firm has the IFS Logistics Certification for the transportation of fruits, vegetables and food products.


Rocco Trasporti has over 120 refrigerated vehicles equipped in order to preserve and control the nutritional and quality characteristics of transported goods.

All vehicles and accessories are controlled to guarantee safety, quality and high performance.


Transportation is monitored and controlled step by step by an innovative system of fleet management which allows to localize goods at any time, to keep the semi-trailer temperature and emissions of CO2 under control and to contact always the drivers.


All employers and the drivers of Rocco Trasporti are recruited according to their experience, competence and reliability. Each of them must always follow a period of theoretical-practical training before starting to work.

This training provides guidelines about: the internal logistics, the system of fleet management adopted by the company, reference rules and rules of behavior in order to meet customers' demands.


Rocco Trasporti offes its partners flexible solution of Integrated Logisitics. Each customer is carried out by the Logistics Department and the Customer Service, specialized in the management of routes and vehicles, they are able to provide details and immediate answers, both to Italian and foreign customers.

The firm's core business is the transportation of fresh, dried, frozen and deep-frozen food.


deliveries all over the region

towards all the main national destinations
- full load truck
- groupage

France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands,
Denmark, Sweden, England, Switzerland,
Poland, Czech Rep., Greece,
Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco
- full load truck
- groupage


  • Storage in firm’s controlled temperature
  • Delivery under strictly control
  • Goods insured by “all-risk” customized
  • Delivery by hydraulic tailgate
  • Management of customs documents



Sede Legale
Via Spineta, 77
84091 Battipaglia (SA) – ITALY
Sede Operativa
Viale delle Industrie
84091 Battipaglia (SA) – ITALY
P. IVA 04768580658

+39 0828 631125
+39 0828 631328
+39 0828 630010

+39 0828 631231
+39 0828 631112

+39 0828 631170

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  • Italy
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Holland
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • England
  • Switzerland
  • Poland
  • Czech Rep.
  • Greece
  • Tunisia
  • Egypt
  • Morocco

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